Jae-Deog Jang's Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Jae-Deog Jang

E-mail: bio4human@yahoo.com


Phone: +82 2 3412 2351

Fax : +82 2 3412 2352


Nationality: Korean

Current Position: Senior Researcher

Central research Institute

Cellontech, Seoul, KOREA




Doctor of Philosophy, 29 Oct. 1999, Engineering, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, Thesis: Optimisation of monoclonal antibody production in the culture of hybridoma cell.

Master of Science, 26 Feb. 1992, Microbiology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea , Thesis: Instability of recombinant plasmid in Streptomyces lividans.

Bachelor of Science, 26 Feb. 1987, Microbiology in Natural Science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, Thesis: Mechanism of the antibody diversity in immune system

Graduation from Young-Nam High School, Feb.1983, Tae-Gu, Korea


May.1999 – Sep. 2000  : Research Associate in Dept. of Chemical Engineering, HKUST, Hong Kong

Apr.1995  - Apr. 1999  : Ph.D. research student in Dept. of Chemical Engineering,  Sydney University, Australia

Sep.1994  -  Mar.1995 :  Research scientist in Dept. of Microbiology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Feb.1992  -  Sep.1994 :  Research scientist in Biotech Division of LG Research Park, Taejeon, Korea

Feb.1990  -  Feb.1992 :  Master of Science student in Dept. of Microbiology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Mar.1987  - Jun.1989 :  Army officer as Lieutenant

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